5 Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super: Review and Expert Suggestion

A motherboard is the most vital part of a computer system. It’s where all of your components are plugged in and where they connect and communicate. With an efficient motherboard on hand, building it will be easy as pie!

So, you have to pick the best motherboard for RTX 2070 Super for developing a killer gaming PC at home. Because it will include high-quality audio, video, networking, and power management features.

We have listed here some of the most exquisite motherboards so that you can get the best possible performance out of your RTX 2070 Super. Let’s check them out.

How To Choose The Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super?

We think it’s essential to make a sound decision about what motherboard is the best for your RTX 2070 Super. Here are a few factors to the lookout for.

Number of Memory Slots

The RTX 2070 is a fantastic choice for gamers interested in streaming. The main thing that affects the performance of an RTX 2070 Super graphics card is PCI-E slots. Make sure that it supports at least 16x speed type. Otherwise, you will not be able to work with NVIDIA NVLink technology.

Number Of Expansion Slots

Motherboards come with different numbers and configurations of Memory Slots (DIMM) for installing RAM sticks. It’s also possible to add more later on by using an empty PCIe x16 expansion card slot.

The RTX 2070 only has one PCIe x16 slot, and you will want to make sure that your motherboard doesn’t need two for the video card. Otherwise, it won’t fit! We recommend a minimum of 16GB Memory (RAM) capacity paired with an NVME SSD or HDD drive if possible.

Number of SATA Ports

The RTX 2070 Super has four SATA III ports. But if you plan to install more than one HDD or SSD, having additional ports can be helpful! 

You may also want to consider getting a motherboard that supports RAID for increased performance and data security.

Number of USB Ports

The RTX 2070 Super comes standard with four USB Type-A ports and one USB C port. But if you are planning to run multiple monitor screens or install more than two SSDs, there needs to be an additional one. 

You may also want to consider getting a motherboard that supports Thunderbolt for increased performance and data security.


Before purchasing any motherboard, make sure it’s compatible with your RTX 2070 Super. Many smaller boards have weak PCIe slots. As RTX 2070 will be heavy, make sure if the slot can take the weight.

Form Factor

Don’t forget to consider the form factor of your motherboard. 

Suppose you’re planning on setting up a Mini-ITX or Micro ATX system. In that case, there may be some limitations that you need to consider regarding ports and support for components such as extra video cards.


The RTX 2070 Super has a standard motherboard connection of four SATA III ports, one USB C port, and one PCIe x16 slot.

Price Tag

When considering the price tag, it’s essential to think about what you’re looking for in your Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super build! 

If you need more connectivity options or storage drives, it will be important to consider the price. But if you’re looking for something that will simply get the job done, some less expensive options are available.


Lastly, keep in mind that some motherboards have better aesthetics than others. If you prefer a cool-looking motherboard, then it might be worth spending more to get your dream design!

5 Best Motherboard For RTX 2070 Super

The RTX 2070 Super is an upgrade to the original RTX 2070. It’s still not quite as powerful as the top-of-the-line RTX 2080. But it comes at a much lower price point!

1. GIGABYTE AORUS Z390 PRO Wi-Fi (Intel LGA1151 Socket)

The Aorus Z390 Pro WiFi motherboard from Gigabyte is an ATX sized motherboard with a length of 30.5 cm and a width of 24.4 cm. Gigabyte’s current theme is visible in the aesthetics of this board. It has the distinct Orange falcon theme, which is typical for Gigabyte’s Aorus branded products. 

It is powered by the LGA1151 socket and compatible with both 8th and 9th gen intel core processors. VRM-wise, a 12+1 phase VRM solution ensures a rock-solid voltage to the most demanding CPUs. The heatsink for the VRMs is also heavy and nice, so the thermals look promising. Without any tension, you can go crazy with overclocking!

As for memory, it’s got the standard dual-channel 4 DIMMs which can support up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM with 32GB DIMM support. This kind of capacity on a dual-channel memory module is rare.

Moreover, you get so much headroom when you build your PC with this motherboard. If you want to use a high-end GPU, like an RTX 2070 Super or 2080, you may also load up on some heavy RAM capacity. 

As for the PCI connections, you get 6 PCI Express 3.0 slots, where 3 of them are single slots with single speeds, and the other 3 are 16 slots with different speeds. 

The most amazing factor is you will get onboard Intel CNVi WiFi and a built-in I/O shield to save from the hassle of manually putting it. It even has dual NVMe PCIe Gen3 slots with heatsinks that support both NVMe and M.2 SSDs.


  • Supports both 8th and 9th Gen intel processors
  • Dual-channel memory supports a max RAM of 128 GB
  • Loaded with Features for all kinds of connectivity
  • Can deliver stable power to the CPU
  • Has RGB fusion for customization
  • Onboard WiFi


  • BIOS needs to be updated in some case

For Whom

If you are the kind of person who loves to have options open for the future, the “GIGABYTE Z390 PRO AORUS WiFi” just might be your soulmate. Its feature-packed and aesthetically pleasing look will go with the overall system of anyone who’s into gaming. 

2. MSI MEG X570 ACE (AMD AM4 Socket)

One of the first things to say about this motherboard is it’s style! This motherboard is not only about all shows but also has features that a PC enthusiast will want. 

The MSI MEG X570 ACE supports AMD Ryzen processors. It’s got heavy VRMs, and you should know that good VRMs are important, especially if you are into overclocking.

AMD Ryzens are also known to have an extreme overclocking capability. The AM4 socket will support both 2nd gen and 3rd gen Ryzen processors. Sadly, first-gen Ryzen processors are not supported.

Looking at the memory configurations, it’s got support across 4 DIMMs for up to a whopping 128GB, depending on the processor installed. And the Bus speed can go up to 4666 MHz!

When it comes to cooling, it’s got one CPU fan header, 5 system fan headers, and a water pump header. In terms of USBs, it has two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port. 

There are 4 SATA3 ports for storage. And for M.2, there are 3 slots, all supporting PCIe gen4 drives (only on 3rd gen Ryzen Processors).

To address all your expansion slot needs, you’ll get 5 PCIe slots. Three of them are x16 slots, all utilizing PCIe Gen4 when coupled with 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. The other two of them are x1 slots that support PCIe Gen 4.

This board also includes a built-in backplate which should be more common with all the new motherboards. There are plenty of connectors on the back, even for the most avid users. 

A CLEAR CMOS and FLASH BIOS button on the I/O panel stands out. Also, two WiFi connectors feature Intel WiFi 6. There’s even a PS/2 port. Dual LAN ports support Gigabit LAN. Additionally, with MSI’s audio boost HD, Nahimic 3, you will get the best sound!


  • Active cooling built-in for the X570 chipset
  • Supports PCIe Gen4
  • RAM bus speed can be up to 4666 Mhz
  • Supports 2nd/3rd Gen Ryzen processors
  • Incredible MSI sound system


  • Very ambitious pricing
  • Bit of an overkill for an average gamer

For Whom

If you like flashy designs and more functionality, this motherboard should be in your consideration. The features it provides are justified, although somewhat of an overkill for an average gamer. 

3. MSI MEG Z490 GODLIKE Gaming (LGA 1200 Socket For 10th/11th Gen Intel Core Processors)

The GODLIKE series of motherboards are the highest-end motherboards available from MSI. These motherboards are well-known for overclocking and breaking world records on that. 

It is compelling with several excellent features, including the ability to have an extreme performance mode with the click of one button. This serves you all the power you need without any hassle. 

It’s a big, chunky boy of a motherboard that supports 10th/11th generation intel core processors!

The design of this motherboard is primarily black, and the heatsinks are linear and kind of flows into each other. This gives the motherboard a singular design in a way. In terms of the color schemes, it’s pretty bland. 

But when it comes to lighting on the board, it’s got enough. 

In terms of power delivery, it has 16 phases, each delivering 90 amps of power. There are also 10k Japanese capacitors and all that good stuff which is said to make a difference.

For memory support, if you want to push things to the limits, it has support for up to 128GB DDR4 with a bus speed of 5000+ MHz. The memory is dual-channel.

And. for your storage needs, it has six SATA ports. It’s got 3 slots for M.2 SSDs. However, you can add more SSDs by using the expander card and putting it on the PCIe slot. Note that the expander card comes with the package.

As for the expansion slots, you got 4 PCI Xpress Gen3 slots. Three of them are x16 slots for your GPU or expander card, and the other one is an x1 slot. The durable PCIe slots can support heavy GPUs without any issues. 

The Rear I/O shield is built-in, and the rear panel has a plethora of connections available. It has an onboard WiFi chip, BIOS FLASH button, as well as a CMOS RESET button. The board features a dual ethernet port, and one of them supports 10Gbps. 

There’s more! It has got two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Data transferring is a breeze with such fast connectivity.


  • Beefy power delivery
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • WiFi Built-in
  • RAM speed can be as high as 5000+ MHz
  • Sleek design
  • Lots of heatsink for better thermals
  • Expander card included in the box


  • No PCIe Gen4
  • The color scheme is kind of bland
  • Highly-priced than similar competitors

For Whom

This one is for absolute professionals only! The motherboard is overkill for an average user. If you are an enthusiast PC user or gamer, who loves overclocking and tweaking the system, this motherboard won’t disappoint you.


The MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro WiFi has a black carbon design that is subtle yet stylish. It has the AM4 socket that supports 2nd/3rd Gen Ryzen chips. The X570 chipset has an active cooling system on the motherboard. 

Memory-wise, it’s got dual-channel memory with 4 DIMM slots. You can load up to 128 GB of RAM, depending on your processor. The bus speed can be up to 4400 MHz which is typical for AMD processors.

There are 6 SATA ports on this board for storage options. Apart from that, you’ll get 2 PCIe M.2 ports that can support Gen4 speed on the SSDs if paired with the Ryzen 3000 series. 

Ryzen 2000 series processors don’t support PCIe Gen4 yet. So the speed is limited if you choose those processors. For Expansion slots, it’s got 4 PCIe slots. They will perform in Gen4 speed if you use the Ryzen 3000 series processor on the motherboard. 

Remember that PCIe 4.0 has double bandwidth than PCIe 3.0. So, your expansion slots will run at 32 GB/s max bandwidth with PCIe 4.0 enabled. Only the dual x16 slots can be used for your GPU.

There’s a FLASH BIOS button on the back. Also, two WiFi connectors feature Intel WiFi 6 along with a PS/2 port. It’s even got 5 USB 3.2 ports and one type-c port. 7.1 surround audio jacks are also available. 

With MSI’s audio boost HD, Nahimic 3, you will get the best sound!


  • Compatible with a wide range of processors
  • Supports DDR4 128GB at up to 4400+ MHz
  • Mystic Light Support for RGB
  • Audio Boost for Hi-Fidelity Audio experience
  • Intel WiFi 6
  • Pre-installed I/O shield


  • Cheap build quality
  • The active cooling fan is average

For Whom

If you want to build a gaming rig and are on a budget constraint, this can save your day! The MSI MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WiFi has the most crucial feature that makes it the best gaming motherboard. To cut costs, manufacturers have compromised a little bit on some aspects, but it’s not really an issue if you are not nitpicking.

5. ROG Maximus XIII Hero WiFi Z590 (LGA 1200 Socket For Intel11th/10th Gen)

ASUS is known for their durable products, and that’s why they are one of the most favorite brands for gamers. Their ROG lineup is primarily focused on gamers/. The ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 is one of their highest-end motherboards in that lineup. 

It’s got the Intel Z590 chipset which supports 10th/11th generation Intel CPUs with an LGA1200 socket. This feature makes it the best motherboard For RTX 2070 Super. For avid gamers, it has one of the best design aesthetics in this list of motherboards. The matte black design with the ROG logo with lighting effects creates a sleek-looking machine.

Talking about specs, the VRMs are very efficient and provide stable power to the processor. It has 14+2 power stages. The heatsinks are also great at keeping away the excess heat.

On the storage side, it has three M.2 ports supporting both PCIe 3.0 and PCI3 4.0, depending on the processor. There are 6 SATA ports available to connect your hard drives.

In terms of memory, it’s got dual-channel DIMMs that have support for up to 128GB. The bus speed can go up to 4266MHz with XMP enabled. ASUS’s OptiMem III feature can enhance the RAM performance even further.

There are 4 PCIe slots available on this board. 2x PCIe 4.0 x16 slots support Multi GPU SLI by Nvidia.


  • Easy overclocking 
  • Great cooling system for heavy using
  • Plenty of Peripherals
  • SupremeFX ensures Hi-Fi Audio
  • Consist of an Intel Z590 chipset


  • Not so adept in dealing with sounds

For Whom

Choosing the ROG Maximus XIII Hero means that you are up for the ultimate performance. Casual gamers shouldn’t buy this as this might be over the price for them. But, if you have the budget, there’s no reason to hesitate as it will give you the best performance for a long time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any motherboard for my RTX 2070 Super?

Yes, you can. The only thing is that your RTX 2070 Super will not be compatible with all motherboards on the market with specific specification requirements. An example of this would be if the mainboard has an M-keyed socket and PCIe slot arrangement. You need to ensure that your RTX 2070 Super has an M-keyed socket and PCIe slot arrangement.

Can I install my RTX 2070 Super on two different motherboards?

Yes, you can! But you will not be able to use all of the features in the GPU unless it’s compatible with specific components in both motherboards.

Can I use my RTX 2070 Super on a PCI-E slot with x16 and x32 connectivity?

Yes, you can. But only if your motherboard’s PCIe slots support this configuration. You’ll need to make sure that the maximum number of lanes is in line with the specifications required by your GPU.

There is no particular best motherboard that fits all. In fact, it depends on the type of builds you are planning to put your computer into – performance or budget oriented, as well as other factors such as cooling and overclocking capability.

Can I use custom cooling for RTX 2070 Super?

Yes! But you will need to make sure that the motherboard supports overclocking and has a large enough VRM capable of maintaining high temperatures. The other components, such as voltage regulator modules (VRMs), must also be compatible with your GPU.

Are there any overclocking-specific motherboards?

There are a few overclocking-specific motherboards that offer the best cooling, power delivery, and voltage stability. However, there’s no guarantee that your RTX 2070 Super will overclock to its highest potential on these boards. There might be certain limitations in terms of configuration options available on such mainboards as well.

Can I use a Mini-ITX motherboard for my RTX 2070 Super?

You can, but only if it has the M-keyed socket and PCIe slot arrangement. You’ll need to make sure that your card’s dimensions are in line with the specifications of the mainboard you choose. Also, pay attention to power delivery and cooling capabilities.

Summarising Your Motherboard Shopping

In our expert’s opinion, the MSI MEG X570 ACE is a reliable motherboard that will enhance your RTX 2070 Super experience. It features great connectivity with USB ports, slots for RAM, and an easy BIOS update system. This board also has the capability of overclocking parts to provide better performance in games on higher settings. 

If you want a cheaper motherboard option, the ROG Maximus XIII Hero WiFi Z590 is another excellent choice. This board is designed with gamers in mind and features an Aura Sync RGB lighting system to customize every color of your build. It also has many USB ports for convenience as well as several different slots for RAM to provide extra speed when gaming.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that your motherboard supports all of the necessary specifications such as CPU socket type, RAM types, USB ports, and more to be compatible with an RTX 2070 Super graphics card. 

Happy gaming!

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