How to Fix a Bricked Motherboard In 2022?

Bricked motherboards are entirely related to the BIOS update. If, after updating the BIOS, our system doesn’t start up, it means the system has a bricked motherboard. It happens due to the lack of a perfect BIOS update, or sometimes when we update BIOS, the power goes off due to a thunderstorm, or maybe you tripped over the power cord, etc. 

So can you fix a bricked motherboard? Sure you can but first, be careful next time, don’t let this kinda incident happen next time. At least make sure your CPU has an uninterruptible power connection while updating the BIOS.  

I guess you guys already got what is a bricked motherboard? But now, it’s pretty essential to know how to fix a bricked motherboard

Bricked Motherboard Symptoms 

The bricked motherboard is a motherboard condition that only occurs due to a lack of proper BIOS updates. Most of the time, it happens when the power goes off while updating the BIOS. Bricked motherboard means it won’t simply work. Like your PC won’t turn on, and even you can’t go to the boot menu. 

Sometimes people use the term brick the wrong way, as they use it when you can’t set up another operating system but a window. But it’s not the exact use of brick. So I hope you guys already got the simple symptom of a bricked motherboard and understood what does bricked motherboard mean? 

 Can a Bricked PC be Fixed? 

It’s a huge issue if the motherboard doesn’t work. Because purchasing a motherboard after considering so many things it must feel frustrating when the BIOS update doesn’t work due to the bricked motherboard. Even our PC has a setting for brick but it has no value when you can run your pc. 

So before knowing the solution for motherboard bricked after bios update, let me introduce a less complex method that may work. I am not saying it will work every time, but you better try it and let me know if it works. Just take off the CMOS battery and keep it in the place after a minute. If your PC boots up, then your problem has already been solved; otherwise, you have to proceed in other ways. 

Fixing a Dual Bios Motherboard

First of all, make sure you are contacting a metal piece. Now carefully open the CPU and try to allocate the dual BIOS switch above the motherboard/ if you don’t find it, try to check the manual or search the motherboard model name in google, and there you’ll get the necessary information. Also, the motherboard is a pretty fragile item, so do everything carefully around the motherboard. 

Once you have found the switch, change it to the second BIOS. Now update the bios again and boot your system. This is exactly how to fix a bricked motherboard from bios. 

This system has no downside, but sadly dual bios are available top-notch motherboards. The motherboards we use from Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, AMD for making a budget gaming pc or budget pc, most of the time they don’t have any dual BIOS. 

Fixing a Bricked motherboard with USB Flash Drive 

You will certainly know How to fix bricked MSI motherboards because most of the MSI motherboards have USB ports for tackling this kind of situation. Firstly, flash the USB drive in conformity with the motherboard company instructions in the manual and then copy-paste BIOS file into the flash drive after downloading from the manufacturer’s website. 

Once your pen drive is ready, find out the USB ports on the motherboard and insert the USB Pen Drive there. I suggest you follow the USB Flash Drive solution from any YouTube channel because it is more complicated to describe here. But not that tough, even most motherboard manufacturers have their own video on Flash Drive solution for bricked motherboards. 


What happens if a motherboard is bricked?

– your system won’t simply startup, and sometimes you may get a beep sound from our motherboard. Bricked motherboard means you couldn’t update the BIOS of the motherboard properly. So if updating the BIOS has not done 100%, it may happen.

How do you fix a bricked computer?

 – few ways to regulate a bricked motherboard. Most of the high-end motherboards have a dual BIOS switchback of the motherboard. It helps us to update the bios a second time without any real problem. But the budget and cheap motherboards have no dual BIOS option. In that case, the USB Flash Drive option is the other way to fix a Bricked motherboard. 

How can a motherboard get bricked?

– It happens due to the lack of a perfect BIOS update, or sometimes when we update BIOS, the power goes off due to a thunderstorm, or maybe you tripped over the power cord, etc. 

How do I reset bricked BIOS? 

    – You don’t have to worry about bricked motherboards. Because a bricked motherboard is the situation of a motherboard, it never means your motherboard has crashed. So there are several ways to get rid of bricked motherboards for every manufacturer of motherboards. 

Final Note

Fixing a Bricked motherboard may seem a complex task to you, but I am assuring once you have done it, you’ll feel a bit confident that you can solve any kinda problem related to the motherboard BIOS update.

Most of the time, we spend a lot of money to solve these kinds of problems from professionals. No reason to spend money on the things which have video solutions in youtube and lots of information about bricked motherboards over the internet. So breathe deep and follow the ways I talked here. 

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