How to Identify Bios Chip on Motherboard?

We all know about the Basic Input Output Software(BIOS) of a motherboard. BIOS stores the very basic firmware and keeps them in a very tiny chip. Most of the time this chip gets soldered on the motherboard. A BIOS chip is essential because it works like a bridge between a hard drive and a motherboard. 

BIOS shows the information on the display when a computer gets the power and helps the Computer recognize the keyboard as an input device. Once the Computer successfully recognizes the input devices, the BIOS hands all the system over to the operating system. 

The BIOS chip is not fragile, but sometimes it gets damaged or corrupted, and the CPU will no longer be in operation. To get out of this event, we often used to know there was no way to purchase a new motherboard. But replacing the chip can be an effective solution that’s why we first know how to identify the BIOS chip on the motherboard. 

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What Is Bios Chip?

You guys already know about BIOS, but do you know where these basic programs are installed? The ROM chip we see on a motherboard that provides the most basic hardware control for the Computer is known as the BIOS chip. Surely it’s a part of the motherboard, and often people call it Firmware. 

Why Do You Need to Identify Bios Chip?

Every Computer needs a post-setup after starting the Computer after assembling every part of a CPU. We call it the booting process. This process helps us to set up our desired operating system for the Computer. This entire operation happens with the help of the motherboard BIOS. 

But BIOS can get corrupted from the attack of highly powerful viruses or can get damaged. BIOS runs the system through a process called Power-On Self-Test, which means the PC is fulfilling minimum requirements to boot. If your PC can’t meet the requirements, then the motherboard generates a series of beep sounds. That means your motherboard is currently going through a malfunction. 

In these kinds of incidents, we suggest resetting the CMOS battery; just simply take out the battery and put it in place after30 seconds. But what will you do if CMOS battery resetting doesn’t work? In the latest and most expensive motherboards, they provide dual BIOS operation. So, you can switch to your backup BIOS. But if any of these processes don’t pay off, replacing the BIOS chip is the only solution, and that’s why first identify the BIOS chip. 

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Identifying the BIOS Chip:

Look, it’s a great achievement if you can solve all your PC problems. But some problems are for professionals only because motherboard’s components are very fragile and sensitive. If you don’t have the experience of selling or desoldering anything from PC components, better take help from local computer shops or send the motherboard to the manufacturer company to replace the chip. 

Usually, the BIOS chip is located below the CPU socket or on the bottom right edge. There is no specific location for BIOS chips, it varies for the brand. But most of the time, we see a label on the motherboard PCB and identify the chip. 

But we suggest you read the motherboard manual, and there we’ll see the exact location of the BIOS chip. The reason behind referring to the manual is it shows the chip on a complete motherboard layout. 

Once you locate the BIOS chip, try to find out the replacement BIOS chip for your exact motherboard’s model. It’s not a hard task, and every BIOS chip has a unique code for a specific brand. SO get the chip from any computer shop or from directly the motherboard company.  

Again, we highly recommend you seek professional Pc mechanics because any intentional or unintentional damage on a BIOS chip or PCB can permanently damage the motherboard.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Find My Bios Chip Manufacturer?

If there are nothing written on the chip, then run a command on someone’s pc with same motherboard, systeminfo | findstr /I/c:bios. Press enter, and see the BIOS information. To get the manufacturer’s name, run the command, wmic bios get Manufacturer, Name, ReleaseDate. 

How Do I Know My Bios Chip Size?

BIOS size has been measured in Mb. Most of the BIOS has 2 Mb room. But search in google on your BIOS chip manufacturer and model number, and you’ll get to know about the size. 

What Type of Chip Is Bios?

BIOS chip holds the programs of Basic Input Output Software. So if your BIOS chip gets corrupted, the PC won’t start, or you will hear the beep sound. 

Can a Bios Be Replaced?

It is very much possible to replace the BIOS chip. But the process is recommended for professional motherboard mechanics. Otherwise, it may damage the motherboard permanently.

Final Words

The BIOS chip mostly stands between ISA and PCI slots. We see affixed surfaces using laser anti-counterfeiting from the BIOS manufacturers. But the happy news is most of the motherboards from this generation don’t solder the BIOS chip, they just plug the chip into the dedicated slot. 

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