How to reset BIOS without display? – Best solution

Whenever we go to BIOS and try to change a few settings without actually acknowledging the proper functions of the settings, the blackout of display happens. Don’t get a heart attack thinking about your thousands-dollar PC just crushed for the mistakes in BIOS. It actually happens for every newbie who tries to change BIOS settings or update the BIOS. 

So, now there is no display and no BIOS. How to fix bios and make your system run again? That’s why we are here to sort out the problem and show the ways of how to reset bios without display. 

Therefore, you guys will learn how to reboot bios and update bios without display here. Stay patient and learn effectively with us. 

Frequent Resetting of BIOS

It is not something we often do, or we should often do, because the operation of your system doesn’t fail every day. Whenever it happens, and there are no other ways to fix the problem, we only update the BIOS or reset the BIOS. 

Resetting BIOS has no effect or damage on our PC. So BIOS reset shouldn’t be considered something harmful for our computer. Sometimes, the processor’s lack of performance happens as the motherboard BIOS is not up to date for the slightly newer processors. These are the reasons BIOS update is essential, but often the result of our first BIOS update makes us shocked when the display goes black completely. This is the high time we needed to know how to do a bios reset without display. 

Methods of Resetting BIOS without Display

Have you messed up with your computer BIOS, made a few settings, and saved it? After restarting the computer, you’ve got a completely black screen, and now are you freaking out? Please don’t be upset about it because I am here to solve this problem. 

Hitting the Restart Button on Motherboard

This technique will work onboard on pretty much every motherboard in the market in recent times. So no matter which motherboard we have, the method is the same for all. The methods may sound a little scary, but don’t get disquieted about it, because once you learn them, it will be bread and butter. 

First of all, make sure your computer is off with the power supply turned off and the power cord unplugged. Next, press your power button to discharge the remaining charge on wirings. 

Now locate the reset button on the front or back of your motherboard. If the motherboard has a reset button, basically just hit the button, and you’re done. 

Resetting with Battery

If the motherboard has no reset button, then you must rely on the battery or CMOS switch. Let’s talk about battery option sorting. CMOS doesn’t sound appealing, especially when you have little more hardware wiring knowledge and experience. 

To understand how to reset bios without display, just find out the little round battery located on the motherboard. If you don’t find it, search your model number on the search engine, there we’ll see the battery location.

Now take out the battery and wait five minutes and again replace it. This is how to reset bios without keyboard. 

Short the CMOS Jumper

The last way to reset BIOS is to find the CMOS jumper. To short the CMOS jumper, you must find something conductive. Then press and hold it on the CMOS jumper as they are touching, essentially shorting it out for 5 to 10 seconds. Then reconnect your power once again, and hopefully, your display will wake up. This is how to reset bios to default. 

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How to Reset the BIOS on a Laptop

To know how to fix bios, 

● First, turn off the Laptop. 

● Again power on the laptop and immediately press and hold the key that takes the screen to the BIOS menu. 

● Now use the keyboard arrow keys and navigate towards the option reset BIOS to default. 

● Select the option by pressing Enter and restart the Laptop once the resetting is done. 

How to Update BIOS Without Display

So far, we have tried to describe how to reset on bios without a screen. But resetting bios means your motherboard bios settings will be default again, and updates will be removed, so here you’ll learn how to update bios in case of the display blacks out. 

Using another CPU

If you have another supported CPU, then this method applies to you. Simply copy the BIOS to a CD, connect the motherboard with the supported CPU and then turn the PC on. BIOS will be updated automatically from the CD in this system or you can do it manually by connecting with your display. 

Updating BIOS without CPU, RAM and Monitor

● First, download the BIOS update from the motherboard company website. 

● Then get a Flash Drive, which you can format in FAT32 format. 

● After formatting the flash drive, extract the BIOS file in the flash drive and rename the main BIOS file, which causes the extinction “.bin”. For the GIGABYTE motherboard, you must rename it GYGABITE.bin 

● Now get the motherboard and find out the right port directly connected to the chip. Enter the flash drive in that port. 

● Once you have done it, just lay the motherboard down, and plug in the 24 pin power supply and CPU cable. Nothing else. 

● Now press the power on the motherboard, and an indicator button will blink, and the fan of the power supply will rotate. 

● The light will blink until the update of BIOS will be completed. 


  1. How do I manually reset my BIOS?

– Manually resetting BIOS is not something scary, all you need is some encouragement. There ways you can reset the BIOS:

  • Hitting the reset button motherboard
  • Putting it off and putting in the motherboard battery
  • Shorting the CMOS jumper 
  • How do I reset BIOS not booting?

– Resetting the BIOS completely depends on the motherboard. If you have the latest motherboards from MSI, Intel, or AMD, you’ll see a reset button on the back of the motherboard. 

3. How do I reset bios to factory settings?

– First, enter the BIOS step up menu.

– Now press the F9 key to enable the automatic load of factory default settings. 

– Press OK to confirm the changes. 

-now, exit from the BIOS menu and restart your PC. 

Final Note

I guess now there is nothing to be afraid of, even if you don’t have any display and want to reset or update the motherboard. Just don’t forget to follow the instructions given on the motherboard booklet or website. Stay blessed. 

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