What Is A Discrete Graphics Card? Your Unknown Answer

As a computer enthusiast, you may know every part of it. But do you know what is a discrete graphics card? If your PC has this card you have to be more careful. Mainly there are two types of graphics cards: Integrated and Discrete.

A discrete graphics card is a GPU that is not integrated with the processor. It means that it’s separate from the processor. These cards have their own dedicated memory unit that’s not bound with the CPU. They also have their own dedicated power source as they consume more power than the integrated ones and generates more heat.

So let’s know what is a discrete graphics card before buying a suitable graphics card for your PC.

Discrete Graphics Card

In computing, discrete graphics refers to a separate graphics card installed outside of the computer’s mainboard. It’s called a discrete graphics card because its only purpose is to handle all the graphics-related functions of a computer.

Discrete graphics cards handle everything, from the icons on the screen to the generated video!

Most of the time, people blend it with a GPU. The GPU is not only the graphics card. The GPU, or graphics processing unit, is actually housed on the external graphics card and is responsible for handling image and video-related operations. Both parts are codependent on each other.

In contrast to integrated graphics, discrete graphics cards exist as separate hardware components that link to the motherboard via a special BUS. However, modern CPUs now come with improved integrated graphics that can take on discrete ones, as per some claims. So which one should you choose among them?

What is an Integrated Graphics Card ?

The most convenient thing about integrated graphics cards is that they are way more cost-efficient. There are some modern CPUs with integrated graphics cards that can perform more economically than discrete graphics cards.

If you’re looking for one just for browsing, then you can go the integrated one without any doubt.

What is a Discrete Graphics Card ?

The new discrete graphics cards have advanced far beyond every factor of the integrated graphics cards. The integrated graphics can never match the performance offered by discrete GPUs of equal quality.
For this reason, discrete GPU is the better choice when it comes to choosing graphics cards for gaming.

Moreover, discrete GPUs are designed to give the best performance at any given time. As they reach high clock speeds, they come with their own cooling system. It helps keep the overall temperature normal while functioning. They also come with their own integrated memory. As a result, the CPU and RAM don’t have to be shared.

Features of Discrete Graphics Cards

The new and improved discrete graphics cards have exceptional features included in them. Some of them are listed below:

#1 Memory

Discrete graphics cards have their own memory, which is an important feature. It’s called VRAM or video memory. This memory is required for graphics-related tasks of a computer.

The integrated memory in the discrete graphics card makes it extremely fast. Also, the discrete graphics card works faster as it only processes graphics and nothing else.

#2 Expense

These graphics cards come at a very high price. Moreover, as these are separate hardware units, they naturally require more power from the power source.

Obviously, the integrated ones are cheaper as they come in a package. You can go for integrated ones if you want. The overall experience with the discrete graphics card is so much better.

#3 Performance

They’re created to endure extreme conditions when used at their maximum limits. And they do it seamlessly without even bothering the CPU and RAM with unnecessary tasks.
The performance of the computer gets a boost when discrete graphics are used. Separate memory banks help increase its performance. This results in higher resolution and higher fps which helps your workflow to be smoother.

#4 Rendering

The discrete graphics cards are way more efficient at rendering complex pictures and sceneries. These usually include various light and shadow settings.
Also, it helps improve the gaming experience of professional or hobbyist gamers. The overall speed boost in the performance results is smooth and lag-free gameplay.

#5 Cooling System

Discrete graphics cards generally come with 2 to 3 fans. So, when it comes to the cooling system, they are better compared to the integrated GPU that depends on the same heatsink of the CPU.

A better cooling system means a more efficient workflow as there will be no temperature spikes, which in return, will improve the GPU’s lifespan.

#6 Power

The power usage of your graphics card depends on what type of tasks are being done with it. It’s dependent on the multi-tasking capabilities and storage of the graphics card.

Logically, if one focuses on a certain thing, they can do a better job than when they focus on multiple things. Similarly, if the graphics card has good multi-tasking functionality, it can perform well.

Also, the discrete graphics card focuses only on the graphics, needing more power to compensate for it.

#7 Customizations

The new discrete graphics cards that are available on the market are unique. They come with exciting features that mesh smoothly with the characteristics of the gaming systems. The users can personalize and improve their gaming experience by making it look more realistic.

Who Should Use Discrete Graphics Cards?

According to recent claims, modern integrated GPUs have improved over time. In fact, as per a report in ExtremeTech in 2016, Intel claimed that the Intel HD units had reached the quality of discrete graphics cards.
While the integrated graphics are indeed getting better and more efficient, there’s still a long way to go for them. They’re still no match for the technology and rendering methods of the discrete graphics cards. Discrete cards are used for more graphics-based tasks like-

  • Professional or non-professional gamers who keep in touch with the latest and ongoing games
  • Professional developers and game designers who use Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Illustrators, graphics designers, or artists who use Adobe collections which include Photoshop, Illustrator. Also, if you use graphics manipulation software, you’re better off with a discrete graphics unit
  • Video editors and producers

Final Note

So, to wrap it up, a discrete graphics card provides more dynamic and improved performance than the integrated ones. Heavy-duty graphics work requires an equally efficient graphics card. If this is the case, then the discrete graphics card should be your choice.

And hopefully, by going through this guide, you now know what is a discrete graphics card. We’ve talked about all the things you should know about this. So, use this information wisely and get a graphics card of your choice soon!

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